What Have I Been Upto? // January '19 Wrap Up

     The first month of the year has passed and I'm pleased to report that I had the most bookish month ever and I actually did a lot of new things so GO ME!

     This is the month where I-

↠ read 18 books
↠ am 10 books ahead of schedule on my Goodreads challenge (OMG who am I even???)
↠ read 16 backlist titles
↠ took a zillion pictures for bookstagram
↠ started taking journaling seriously
↠ bought 14 books
↠ have made plans to take writing seriously (yet to actually do it I'm ashamed to say)
↠ bought a LOT of journaling supplies

     Yes I've read 18 books this month. No, I still can't believe it.

     Some of them were novellas but STILL, 18 books is huge for me since I've been in a reading slump from July to December last year. Let's look at some key points!

↠ I just read King of Scars a day ago and I'M SHOOKETH. Leigh Bardugo is the queen and I absolutely can't wait for book two OMG. I'm absolutely flailing over how perfect the book was and how I'm so in love with the main characters and AHHHHH

↠ Obsidio was the first book I started this year and BOY AM I GLAD! Bestest Finale to The Illuminae Files and AHHH such a roller coaster ride with all the emotions.

↠ I read Starfish by Akemi Dawn Bowman on RivetedLit Free Reads and it really stunned me with it's amazing story and ahhhh I cried so much. The book made my heart laugh, ache, cry and feel so full at the end of it. will have a review up for it in February.

↠ I read my first ARC of the year from Netgalley - Little Darlings by Melanie Golding. Seriously one of the creepiest books I've ever read. I swear I couldn't sleep well the night I read it! I wasn't the happiest about the ending but I'm definitely keeping an eye out for the author's other works. 

↠ I rediscovered my love for the Animorphs series. It's a children's series that I adored back when I was in 6th grade or so. Of late I found some of the books at a second-hand bookstore near college and I'm loving reading them.

↠ I feel like sci-fi is on par with fantasy for me as 'favourite genre' lately. I've been enjoying a lot of science fiction lately and I'm thirsty for more!- Obsidio, The Program and of course the Animorphs books are all reads I really enjoyed this month and I desperately want more sci-fi in my life!

↠ The most disappointing read for me this month was probably Stalking Jack the Ripper. Unpopular opinion but I felt quite meh about this book. But thankfully I'm not alone! I buddy read the book with Di@Book Reviews By Di and she felt the same so yay lol. I was intrigued but I solved the mystery waaaay before the ending and I just didn't enjoy the characters AT ALL. I'm a disappointed potato hrmph.

     I wanted to write a LOT this year and I'm ashamed to say January hasn't been a good writing month. I really meant to get serious about writing and work at it BUT I got distracted with a lot of other stuff and I'm not happy about that. In December, with the help of my soul sis Jewel@foxynerdyrebelle and Di@Book Reviews by Di, I decided which two of my WiPs I'll work on this year and I wanted to share it here on my blog!


     I've never been a fan of the  original sleeping beauty or the animated Disney version. So i made up my own version with a sassy girl who can talk to ghosts, ghosts who make terrible life decisions (or death decisions?), a prince who thinks the world revolves around him, and witch armies! It's a dark fantasy which is probably my favourite genre!


     This was my first ever plot idea. I came up with it back in High school (It was extremely cliched then lol). It has gone through a LOT of makeover and is now a diverse urban fantasy that I'm SO excited about. The Pinterest borad I have for it is probably one of my faves ever.

Here's to hoping I get a LOT more writing done in February.

     I love my current bookstagram feed which gives like dark fantasy vibes and reminds me of witches and sorcerers lol. 
I'm so close to 2.5K followers so give me a follow on there pretty please? (I'll give you chocolates and pies)

     I love that I journal regularly now and I'm really loving planning and tracking my reading and workouts! I'll do a more detailed journal post sometime! Hopefully soon.

I just got back to blogging in January so I'm SO thankful that you amazing people commented and interacted on my posts! Thank you so much lovelies!

     ↠  Jay Kristoff has announced his new series Empire of the Vampire and I'm so pumped for it!
     ↠  Leigh Bardugo officially announced about the Netflix series of Grishaverse and I'm equal amouts excited and nervous!
     ↠  King of Scars came out! I read it in record time and LOVED it so much.

How was your month? Any bookish news I should know? How many books did you read in January and which were your faves?