Literature & Fandom Inspired Jewelry from Chiqui Creates [Bookish Businesses]

Hello my fellow #bookdragons ! I know I'm always  talking about books on my blog but from now on have decided talked about all things inspired by books too! Today I want to introduce you guys to my favourite bookish/fandom merch shop EVER - Chiqui Creates.
          Chiqui Creates is the brainchild of one of my favorite bookstagrammers ever @chiquireads. She has a penchant for books and jewelry and finally decided to combine the two together; hence was born Chiqui Creates. I was lucky enough to be one of Chiqui's first reps and I absolutely LOVE her creations. I can also tell you how amazing Chiqui is at coming up with new designs. She's constantly brainstorming and discussing quotes and symbols with her reps. Chiqui Creates is a fandom jewelry and accessories shop based in Manila, Philippines who ship internationally. Chiqui is having a sale where you can either opt for free shipping (Internationally) or for a 20% discount. Keep scrolling to find the promo codes!

What can you find at Chiqui Creates?

  • Chiqui creates is all about celebrating fandoms! Both popular and little known ones. There are tons of wonderful jewelry and metal bookmarks for all-time crowd favourites like Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Game of Thrones, Six of Crows and Shades of Magic.
Images courtesy of @cakefacereader (L to R - Hufflepuff necklace, PJO quote necklace, GoT glow in the dark Quote necklace)

  • You can also find products for bookish fandoms that are popular but do not have much jewelry based on them. such as - The Lunar Chronicles, An Ember in the Ashes etc and also lesser known fandoms such as Vampire Academy.

Images from my Bookstagram, @books.bags.burgers and @cakefacereader (L - TLC Winter and Jacin quote Necklace, R - An Ember in the Ashes and Six of Crows metal bookmarks)

  • It's not just bookish jewelry you can find over at Chiqui's but also other fandoms like Disney, Marvel and DC.

Images courtesy @hollyheartsbooks and @books.bags.burgers (L - Mermaid scales necklace, R- Wonder Woman double sided necklace)

Some of her latest products and bestsellers include (L-R) - PC @lulumoonowlbooks - The Cruel Prince metal bookmark, PC @chiquireads - Winter TLC Necklace, PC @hollyheartsbooks - The Sun summoner (Grisha Trilogy) necklace, PC @chiquicreates - LoTR inspired necklace

  • I also love that Chiqui also has pieces that non-fandom people can enjoy too. There's so much pretty jewelry and quote jewelry that look gorgeous and make sense even if you're not in the fandom like the Winter necklace or the holographic mermaid scales necklace.


L - R -@chiquireads Illuminae Inspired necklaces, @hollyheartsbooks Nikolai quote metal bookmark, @cakefacereader Lila Bard quote necklace

What are the types of merch available at Chiqui Creates currently?

* Quote Necklaces
* Charm necklaces
* Metal bookmarks
* Bracelets
* Earrings
* Double sided necklaces
* Double Rings

What are the fandoms available at Chiqui Creates currently?

* Shades of Magic (ADSoM)
* An Ember in the Ashes
* Caraval
* Comics (Marvel & DC)
* Classic Fairytales
* Game of Thrones
* Grishaverse
* Harry Potter
* Percy Jackson
* Six of Crows
* Strange the Dreamer
* The cruel Prince
* The Lord of the Rings
* The Lunar Chronicles
* The Night Circus
* The Raven Cycle
* Vampire Academy

What are the offers available currently?

With the code "FREESHIPPING" you can avail free shipping internationally! or you can use "SPRINGSALE" to avail 20% off. You can avail only one of these at a time and not both! This promo ends with this month so hurry!

Chiqui Creates - Website/Shop // Instagram // Facebook

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What is your favourite type of bookish / fandom merch? Do you have any favourite merch shops? How do you like Chiqui's products? Do you plan to buy from her?