Review: Blue Blood (Series of Blood #3) by Emma Hamm

Blue Blood by Emma Hamm

(I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.)


Jasper awakens to find himself captive. The cell that surrounds him is unbreakable. The man who holds the key is evil to his core. There is only one way out of this prison, and it is to do the unthinkable. Return with a person whom the villain desires above all else. To break free and return to Haven, Jasper agrees. But he never expected to find a woman at the center of an enchanted forest, who captures his heart.


She is a regular Sleeping Beauty. For hundreds of years, she has been captive in her own body. Roots tangled in her hair and leaves were her clothing. The years passed. Time turned on its end. And still, no one came for her. Until a Fairy walked into her prison and gathered her into his arms. The time had come for her awaken, but the years wore away at her sanity like water dripping upon a stone. She must fight against herself to be the person she should be.


Darkness brews in the center of the city. Jasper and Mercy must return home in one piece to prevent the evil from spreading. Together, they become a force of elements that cannot be stopped. They will travel from prisons, to enchanted forests, and across Giants territories to find the truth about their world. Whether they succeed or not, means life or death for everyone.

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In Red Blood. looking at things through Lyra's perspective was a bit hard. Her being a Siren and therefore being selfish, mean and vain gave me a really hard time trying to connect to her but Blue Blood was Jasper's perspective which I find I enjoyed from the start. Jasper's troubles are more relatable and I quite enjoyed his sass. Bluebell is the fairy inside him and she is sweet and talkative and at the same time, also extremely possessive. I expected her making Jasper get all possessive over people would make me angry but I think it was more funny that infuriating for it's hard to take Bluebell seriously. With her childlike demeanor and mischievous attitude she comes off more like a child than an adult fairy. When she gets possessive she's like a one year old unwilling to share their favorite things. When Wolfgang was possessive in Red Blood, it made me quite a bit mad, like dude seriously? but Bluebell acting in a somewhat similar way made me laugh and want to chide her like one would a child.

Mercy is...well, the definition of a morally grey character who is a shade bit closer to the darkness than the light. At the end of the day I'm not sure I 'like' her. she's quite a complex and interesting character and I enjoyed her dialogue immensely; especially when she flirts and tries to make things uncomfortable for Jasper. But that person is suddenly gone and replaced by a colder person who is not even human.

The things we learnt in the first two books were undone and made anew in this book. We learn shocking things about the world and what happened when the realms combined. New creatures are revealed and far from the city, in the woods we get to see how much the world changed when the realms combined. The plotline itself was quite fast paced and I enjoyed the couple travelling from maxes and prisons to forests and cities. I think I like journeys in books! I had certain doubts about the ending but otherwise enjoyed the ride a lot! i think while Silver Blood will always be my favorite in the series, Blue Blood is a close second.

Also the epilogue has left me with SO many questions It features the one character who is always in the shows, helping himself by helping others but we still don't know what exactly he wants; although I have a faint idea.

Emma Hamm always does wonderful imagery and Blue Blood is no different. The world she has created is brilliant and filled with colors that the readers can visualize from the writing. The worl building is on point and the descriptions, alluring.

- Jasper
- The plot
- The writing
- The epilogue

- Certain plot points, mostly regarding Mercy

Now at Book 3, the series continues to be strong and the author spins the story deftly, keeping readers entranced and awed. I immensely enjoyed the story of jasper and looking forward to book 4. I have an inkling who the book will be about.

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