Mini Reviews - The one with all the Prequels

Adrian's Lost Chapter // Glitches // Harry Potter: The Prequel // 300 Fox Way Holiday Piece // A Minor Raven Boys Holiday Drabble

 So a couple of days ago I read quite a lot of prequels to series I love but considering all of these were prequels were just a couple of pages long, I decided to write mini-reviews for them rather than a detailed review. Hope you enjoy these!

Adrian's Lost Chapter by Richelle Mead


Okay so I read some really bad reviews of this and was wary of reading it but then I figured, what the hell it's only 8 pages! So I read it and honestly speaking I'm glad I did.

I've shipped Rose and Dimitri right from the beginning but I loved Adrian too and at the end of Last Sacrifice, my heart was breaking for him. So Richelle Mead decided to take the broken pieces of my heart and further break the pieces with a huge hammer by writing this 8 page alternate start to Bloodlines. Yep.

I haven't read Bloodlines series yet but while I loved the lost chapter, I'm glad the series isn't from Adrian's point of view because then my heart would seriously be damaged beyond repair. That's just how heartbreaking this is for me. But I can't deny I loved seeing Adrian's PoV of everything that happened in Last Sacrifice. This is a must read for Vampire Academy fans; especially those who love Adrian <3

Glitches by Marissa Meyer


Okay was it just me or did this give off a very gloomy feel? I'm not just talking about the story, which definitely was sad and gloomy but I'm also talking about the whole atmosphere. What with it being Winter and the characters living in a poor household and everything, the story was kind of sad.

I really enjoyed getting to know Peony though and the friendship that she and Cinder develop is so innocent and cute. Also here is the birth (rebirth?) story of Iko which is also kind of cute. This is where we see Garan and come to know of what happened to him but this story doesn't shed much light on Cinder's life before the surgery. It doesn't have anything new for those who have read Cinder. It is simply Cinder's experience of the first few days at her new home. The story does shed light into Cinder's personality and her feelings though.
It's quite a great short story that doesn't add much to the series except show us a small part of Cinder's childhood after surgery. It's quite well written and the author has really set the story beautifully with melancholy and gloominess woven in.

Harry Potter: The Prequel by J.K. Rowling


THIS. This is the reason we need a Marauders book! Maybe a whole series! Only J.K.Rowling can write an 800-words long story that can make us Potterheads laugh and give us this warm fuzzy feeling of being home. Also did I mention it's freaking hilarious?? Oh and also, this book is giving me a serious case of feels! This book has reminded me why Sirius Black was among my first ever book boyfriends.

This is a story of James and Sirius getting into trouble even in the muggle world and it's freaking hilarious. Loved the 3 page story but now I'm more than ever in need of a full length story. This 3-page story has left me asking so many questions that I NEED answers to. So please Ms.Rowling, KINDLY WRITE A MARAUDERS ERA NOVEL. BETTER YET, MAKE IT A SERIES!!

300 Fox Way Holiday Piece by Maggie Stiefvater


AAARRGGHH! It's barely a couple of pages long and yet Maggie Stiefvater manages to make it magical! BUT WHY IS IT SO SHORT?? I want more! After reading this, I've suddenly gotten a craving to know more about Blue before the Raven boys came along. How was life at 300 Fox Way? How was school? Who was Blue friends with? What were her hobbies?


I was kind of disappointed by the fact that there was barely any dialogue in the piece because I know Orla talking would have made this piece hilarious. A short sweet read for fans of the series!
"What do you want for Christmas, Blue? Something more."

A Minor Raven Boys Holiday Drabble by Maggie Stiefvater


Okay so why is this not at least a novella? Why would Maggie Stiefvater write a 3 page snippet and not tell us what happens next?? (Didn't stop me from giving it 5-stars but oh well...) I absolutely love this snippet. This is from before The Raven Boys and since we know a couple of things now, we can notice the foreshadowing. (Especially about Noah)

ALSO, I've said it before and i'll say it again, RONAN LYNCH IS MY SPIRIT ANIMAL. The best friend we're all dying for. Though if i find him first, I'm not sharing. Just Kidding. No really.
"Gansey was full of the knowledge that he needed to do something about Ronan Lynch before Ronan did something about Ronan Lynch. Christmas was a dangerous time to be a broken thing."
Only Maggie can write magic in two sentences ; magic that goes straight to the heart...Can we have more such snippets Maggie? And by snippets I mean a 500 page snippet? Or longer if you feel like it.

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