Review: Red Blood (Series of Blood #2) by Emma Hamm

Red Blood by Emma Hamm

(I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.)

Lyra has been through hell and high water to get to where she is in life. As part of an elite team working for god-like creatures, she considers herself capable of anything. But when she is tasked with finding a person who fulfills a prophecy capable of saving the world, she finds that she has met her match. She must convince this man to help her while hiding secrets of her own...


He is known as the "Graverobber". Dark power flows from his fingertips and is wielded without a thought. For years he has existed without a soul. Without conscience. Until a tiny Siren walks into his life and demands he come with her. She is the first person to ever dare order him to do anything. Suddenly, the soulless Graverobber finds himself intrigued by something full of life and light.


Brewing in the darkest corners of the world, an ancient evil plots to destroy them all. Lyra and the Graverobber must join forces to save the lives of countless magical creatures and humans. But both find that to protect those they love, they must give up everything that is important to them.


We met Lyra in Silver Blood where she was a seconday character. Even while reading silver blood, readers could see that Lyra was a mysterious being with dark secrets. Red Blood is where she is a main character and we are told more about her. In the beginning I found it a bit hard to connect to Lyra. I was used to the quirkiness of Wren in the first book and Lyra is so much different from her. As the story went on, I began to enjoy Lyra's narration. I enjoyed he love for materialistic things and personally thought the opening with her trying out boots at a shop was hilarious. This is not to say I enjoyed the decisions she made throughout the story. More often than not, I was shouting at her in my head!

The Graverobber is someone I can't really talk about without giving away major plot points. I'll just say he is a man of magic and quite the anti-hero we all love reading about! I absolutely enjoyed his character development throughout the book. Again it's not that I completely liked him. I didn't. I had problems with his ideas, his way of thinking at his possessiveness but considering the kind of being he is, all that while not too nice, seems only natural.

The plot was even more complex than the plot of Silver Blood; and that's saying something considering how much I loved the first book! Red Blood deals with multiple plots that join up to give us these absolutely unexpected and amazing plot twists.

In book 1, Burke follows the clues in the prophecy to find Wren. Now Lyra follows the next segment of the prophecy and tries to find the next person. Throughout the story many things about Lyra are revealed and more questions answered.

This book leaves me waiting anxiously for book 3! The ending had me asking for more and hoping that the next book would be about Jasper.

When creating a fantasy world which is in a lot of ways different from ours, world building has an important role. Emma Hamm totally nails it. She creates this vibrant world where magic and prophecies are real and does an amazing job explaining everything to us. I enjoyed the vivid descriptions of various places and the banter among the characters a lot.

- The characters
- The plot
- The writing
- The dialogue
- The Cover

Certain things about Wolfgang

Go ahead and pick up this series if you love original fantasy stories with three dimensional characters! I LOVED THE BOOK !!


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  1. Lovely review Uma! Love the cover of this book, although it's called Red Blood, it doesn't follow the common trope of having a blood red colour, but instead has a nice bluish colour, which we think makes it even more intriguing. Lyra seems like such a cool character :):):)):):):)
    ~ Pendragons

    1. Thank you guys <3 IKR! I loved the cover of the first book, Silver Blood too! The cover was a bright green :) Quite unexpected! Oh yes Lyra is a really cool character though I accept that I loved Wren even more <3 But Lyra is a mysterious, sexy and dangerous character and therefore makes for a very interesting protagonist! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I remember your glowing review of Silver Blood which I added to my TBR and now I see you've also really loved the second book too which makes me want to pick up this series even MORE! I like that this is sort of a Companion Novel also. Great review!

    1. Oh definitely do read this series :) It's so unique and the world building is wonderful <3 Also the imagery is on point. I can totally picture the characters and the surroundings clearly!! Yes, it's a continuation but the protagonist is different :)Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Sounds like a good series. I haven't read the first book but I really enjoy fantasy novels. I haven't read many recently, but this one makes me want to try again soon!
    Great review! ;)

    1. Yes it is :) I LOVE fantasy novels a lot!! Oh I wish you get to read wonderful fantasy novels!! And Thank you :)

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  5. Oh yay Di! Your's is my first Disqus comment! *throws confetti on you* I've been feeling so nervous!!


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