Top Ten Tuesday # 5: Books I'm thankful for

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The Topic for this Tuesday is 'Thanksgiving Freebie'. I'm going to talk about the 10 books/series I'm thankful for and what they taught me. I warn you people! This is going to be a slightly emotional post!

1.The Harry Potter Series

There are more than a 100 reasons to love Harry Potter. One of the biggest being that I've reread the series about 5 times and yet I know the next time I read the books, I'll learn another valuable lesson. I read the books as a kid but they resonate with me even now. Harry Potter taught me the importance of friendship and love, to stand up for the things I believed in, and that bravery wasn't the absence of fear but rather facing the fear even when I'm afraid. The series gave me realistic and strong heroines to root for; Hermione, Ginny, Mrs.Weasley, and Luna. Hermione taught me that it's okay if not awesome to be a know-it-all and to never dumb yourself down for anyone. Ginny taught me that Bold is Beautiful. Mrs.Weasley taught me one doesn't have to be of blood to be family and Luna taught me that being different is not bad.

2.Percy Jackson and The Olympians

Percy Jackson taught me anyone could be a hero. Annabeth taught me knowledge is a powerful weapon. Grover taught me that belief is everything. Nico taught me that family doesn't define you. Silena taught me that love can conquer. 

3. Vampire Academy Series

Rose Hathaway taught me that it's okay to think of yourself without feeling selfish or guilty. She taught me the importance of friendship. She taught me body positivity. She taught me that humor and sass in the face of fear goes a long way. This series was the first series I ever loved that featured vampires.

4. The hunger Games Trilogy

The girl on fire taught me to never give up on the people you love. Peeta taught me to be kind. Cinna taught me you can be rebellious without actually fighting. This series taught me that even a wildfire starts with a single spark. It taught me that the smallest act of kindness can go a long way. 


This book surprised me by how much it affected me. I'm eagerly waiting for the second book Perfect. This book taught me that to be human is to be flawed and perfection is but a relative term. This book taught me that setbacks make you stronger and wiser.

6. The Last Song

My favourite Nicholas sparks book taught me there are many kinds of Love. It taught me that the smallest things can make one happy and that things aren't always as they seem to be. This book taught me that music can really and truly heal.

7. Divergent Series

Despite the fact that this series pulled my heart out and had me grieving for so long, I can't deny the things it taught me.It taught me it's good to be different. Tris Prior taught me that to be selfless and to be brave are at times one and the same. She taught me that it's good to follow your heart. Four taught me it is okay to have fears. the series taught me that life isn't always fair.

8. Eat Pray Love

This beautiful book taught me so many things! The story taught me that pleasure is as important a part of life as anything else. It taught me never to feel guilty about enjoying food and love and that sometimes food can be love. It taught me that food can fill more that just your stomach; sometimes it can fill your heart. It taught me the importance of doing nothing. It taught me the importance of finding oneself and spending time with oneself. It taught me that love is complicated but beautiful. 

9.What Nancy Drew taught me

My favourite childhood heroine taught me that girls can be what they want. She taught me that a girl can kick ass in heels. Bess taught me that loving fashion and dressing up doesn't make a person shallow. George taught me that the key to happiness is to follow your heart. The trio taught me what it is to be a good friend.

10. What reading has taught me

I'm thankful for books. Books have taught me so much that I can't even put in words. Books taught me to see things from another's eyes. Books taught me to empathize with people and encouraged me to learn new things. Reading has taught me that words are the most powerful weapons. Words can hurt and heal; words can save and destroy.

So what's on your Top Ten Tuesday? Comment and leave a link below so I can return the favour!


  1. Ahh! You're doing TTT too! :)

    I love so many of the books that you have mentioned. I love that you loved VA too! Rose was one of the first kick-ass (literally) heroines that I fell in love with and I truly adored that series.

    Divergent - yup. It was one of those heart wrenching series for sure. I did enjoy it though.

    Love your list!

    1. Not you're doing... I'm doing 😂😂😂 I did my first post today!

    2. Hahaha :) Yeah I just checked out your post!😂 It was beautiful!

      Oh exactly! It was one of the first series I read with an amazing heroine 😂 And Divergent did a good job making my heart break!! But yeah I loved it! We readers are weird like that aren't we?

      Thank you :)

  2. Beautiful list, Uma! I totally agree about The Hunger Games and Harry Potter, AND I'm dying to read Flawed because I love Ahern, so it's great you featured that too :)
    I haven't read any Vampire Academy books, but after what you said about it, I really want to. Rose Hathaway sounds like an awesome heroine :)

    Again, amazing list! <3

    1. Thank you :) YES! Those books taught me so much! Oh definitely read Flawed! That book made me feel so many emotions! Ahern writes powerfully!
      GO READ VA NOW!! I think you'll really love it! Yes Rose Hathaway is an awesome protagonist :)

      Thanks again :)

  3. I love Harry Potter and The Hunger Games. I so much want to reread them again but I can't until the tbr is tamed! Jumping into different book worlds really entertained me through my reading life and I love it when I find one I don't want to put down.

    1. Oh yeah I can relate!! U have soooo many books on my TBR that i probably won't have time to reread anything ever again!!

  4. Absolutely YES to the Harry Potter series! I wasn't able to read them as a kid, sadly, but I definitely appreciate them as an adult! Great list :D

    Here are my Top Ten!

    1. I feel Harry Potter is a series we can enjoy at all ages :) i'm glad you like it ! Thank you :D

  5. Great choices - Harry Potter, Vampire Academy - I loved those as a teenager and I still love them now. Also Eat pray love - don't know how many times I've read that book - I think my favourite thing about it is how much it inspires me to travel :) Great post

    1. Thank you :) Yes they are something of evergreen favourites to me! Eat Pray Love is a beautiful book <3 Yes it really inspires me to eat, have fun and travel :)

  6. Aw, the Nancy Drew series wasn't something I ever got into, but my cousin (who was more like a sister) LOVED them as a kid, so I've lost count of how many we bought over the years as gifts. :)

    Recently I've been curious about the Percy Jackson series too! Maybe someday I'll read them. :)

    Thanks so much, as always, for visiting Finding Wonderland, Uma.

    1. hahhaaa :D I have countless Nancy Drew books in my shelf too! Oh yes, you should definitely read Percy Jackson..It's buckets of awesomeness :)

      Anytime Rissi :)


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