Excerpt: Aqson Level I by Sreejib


NAME OF THE BOOK : Aqson Level I
                AUTHOR: Sreejib


 PG 356

For the first time in her life of twenty years, Yuvrani experienced the feeling of fear. She had always been confident about taking Life on. Then why was she scared to plain watch Life on the map? This was not her. She never knew fear.

And that's when Yuvrani realized the power of Life. The mere thought of facing Life was chilling.

"Pithos?" Vanraj called Yuvrani.

When he got her attention, he said with complete honesty and zilch arrogance, "You are the best."

Vanraj said it like it was the simplest truth ever told. That was all Yuvrani wanted to hear. She smiled, walked to the foot of the bed and stood facing the mirror.

She was staring at herself.

Her large ash eyes bore into her very soul and witnessed the tiny jitters of fear. She told herself to calm down because Vanraj said, she was the best. The jitters steadied. She took a deep breath and blinked.

Yuvrani's reflection began to fade away. She stood and watched herself gradually blur away into non-existence.

The mirror hung blank for a split second before it reflected what was on Vanraj's phone.

A clarion world map.

Vanraj crossed his hands over his chest and directed loudly, "Playground of Aqson."


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