Book Review: Enoch and the Stars Above by Rich Paz

Enoch and the Stars Above by Rich Paz

(I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.)


How will it all end? It was a night that would change Enoch´s life forever. It was a night like many others, yet strange and unusual. It was a star filled sky put together by uncertainty, yet in a breath of magic. It was a glorious day for Enoch. A dream fulfilled, a wish granted. He is chosen for a mission to save humanity as an alien and his space craft land in his backyard. He is visited by an interstellar caretaker and member of the Archs, Uriel. He comes to warn of his evil android counterparts whose intent is to annihilate the Earth and its every last breath. Enoch is then thrust into a position of great power and forges unlikely alliances to help save the world from its inevitable destruction. Universal reign shall never be the same again.


Enoch Sotheby is a unique personality. For a high school kid he is quite mature and thoughtful. The story is presented to us by Enoch; not just via his actions, but also thoughts. Rich Paz does a great job making sure that Enoch’s thoughts, while many in number, do not muddle the reader in any manner.

Other characters I really liked were Danica, Uriel, Azrael and Dante. They are refreshing and realistic characters with whom the readers can relate.

I liked how the characters have well meaning symbolic names!


The plot is definitely something new and unique. Once again the symbolism was amazing. The plot is a whole new take on Dystopia and the end of the world scenario. It makes the reader retrospective. As I read the book, I found myself wondering what I would do in such situations. The plot is thought provoking and intriguing. The ending shows hope and faith and isn’t that the point of everything after all?


I liked that the writing wasn’t cluttered. I knocked down a point for writing because for me, the book was at places, too descriptive. Maybe it was just me, as I tend to be kind of impatient; but I felt that there were some descriptions that readers could have done without. It was these descriptions that kept me from finishing the book in one sitting.


- The plot
-The characters, especially the protagonist.
-Symbolism throughout the story


-The writing is too descriptive at some places ( Its not a huge complaint at all. And maybe I felt so because i can be kind of impatient!)


It is a thought-provoking book with a unique story line and interesting characters. I would recommend it to science fiction readers who are looking for a refreshing plot.


(It was a 3.5 but I rounded it off to 4)

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