Book Review: Into the Between by Anna Webb

Into the Between by Anna Webb

(I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.)


Allyra has an affinity for the past – memories, echoes or some combination of both. Her ability means she has never accepted the official story involving her father’s death, and searching for answers, she follows an echo into the Between, a dark and dangerous world she never knew existed, where only the Gifted can enter.

Barely surviving her first encounter with Revenants – the shadow creatures dwelling in the Between – Allyra is saved by the enigmatic Alex. She is forced to confront the fact that she is Gifted, something those closest to her had kept carefully hidden. As she begins to question whether her life has been a beautifully constructed lie, Alex becomes the one person she can trust, or can she?

The Gifted are rare, but Allyra is rare amongst them – an Elemental who can control not just one, but all four elements. Returning from the Between, she realizes her survival is tied to winning the deadly Elemental Trials, against Gifted opponents who will do anything to win. Even as she fights for her survival, Allyra struggles to learn whom she can trust in this new and lethal reality. She begins to understand that she is joining a game that started a long time ago, whose end might just lie with her affinity for the past.


Confession! Loved every single character. The protagonists as well as the antagonists. I suppose that's because Anna Webb has created the PERFECT, THREE-DIMENSIONAL characters i always look for in books. I finished the book in one sitting because I got emotionally connected to Allyra, Alex and Jamie.

Allyra... great protagonist. She makes for a great role model. She is determined, stubborn (in a good way!) and she doesn't take shit from anyone. Also she is not 'perfect'. She is real, makes mistakes, feels all emotions and develops beautifully as the story progresses.

Alex! God I love Alex. He is hot.He is a complex, hotand interesting character. He is hot. HE IS HOT. He is the one in the book that made me ask the most questions and go through a plethora of emotions.

Jamie. He is one of the sweetest people I've ever met in a book! Sure he's made his mistakes but one can't help but adore him!


Into the between had me at the blurb. I love element related plot and Into the between rocked the history of elemental novels. Admitted that at places the story reminded me of other novels I've read but no, Into the between is not cliched. Its not just different in how the plot is brought forward to the readers but also how the characters develop through the plot. Here the characters ARE the plot. Human characters play such a huge role in how the plot grows and thickens around you.


The writing was engaging and I personally loved it. I loved the Chemistry references! lol! From now on am gonna try reciting the periodic table when i get angry. I think it'll work much better than counting to 10. I loved how the switching 'third person subjective POV' in no way disturbed my reading. As a matter of fact, it made sure that i was linking the stories of each character together into a tapestry.


-All the characters (Literally everyone)
-Writing style
-Elemental based plot!


-NOTHING. Nothing at all!

Loved every minute!


Its my new favorite book and am dying for the sequel!



Its a full 5

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