Book Review: All Tomorrow's Parties by Nicole Fitton

All Tomorrow's Parties by Nicole Fitton

(I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.)


Set in the music industry of 1980's London, All Tomorrow's Parties is a journey through life and love. Laine Marshall isn’t a product of the 1980s she is the epitome of it. 18 years of age and working for Vestal records, the hippest label around. She is truly living her dream. Taking the day to day hedonism in her stride, Laine experiences every emotion under the sun except the one she craves the most - love. With a backdrop of eighties classic songs, Laine Marshall's adventures take her to Italy where a chance encounter puts her onto a roller coaster of emotions that twist and turn. Someone is out to derail her 'happy ever after' but who and why? All Tomorrow's Parties will have your thoughts racing and your heart running for cover. Sometimes you have to play the cards you’ve been dealt and hope. Laine Marshall exemplifies hope.


Nicole Fitton has created characters who all well rounded and believable. No one's perfect in the world. Everyone has flaws, imperfections and makes mistakes. This fact comes out starkly through the protagonist, Laine. Laine is someone a lot of people can relate to. Her problems are those close to heart and these problems bring forth the nuances of human nature.

All the characters in the story play a part in shaping the way Laine matures and changes through the story. Every character in the book is three dimensional and beautifully crafted.


The plot... I have read a lot of mysteries and even a couple of romance novels. Most of the romance I've come across are in Fantasy or science fiction novels. Never have I read a romantic mystery. And am glad to have been introduced to the genre by Nicole Fitton. While 'romantic mystery' or 'romantic thriller' still isn't MY genre- if you know what I mean- I won't hesitate to pick up the genre again.

The plot had a life of its own. once I finished the book, I could see all the little things that brought the characters to the final page, all the tiny details I AND Laine had overlooked before. While there is more of romance for most part of the book, it wasn't cliched. This book was about a girl finding herself and mystery tjust takes it to a newer level.


The writing was mostly pretty great except for some places where I thought there was too much describing going on. I love descriptions but at times am impatient and just want the story to get going!


-The characters
-The plot


-There was nothing I didn't like about the book. It was a pretty well crafted story.


A great debut novel! Nicole Fitton knows how to spin a well knit story and to keep the readers intrigued.


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